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An integrated approach across underwriting, credit and marketing


Consumer credit provider, LaSer, wanted to embark upon a programme of improvements, but quickly and alongside its ‘business as usual activity’.  So they turned to Jaywing’s ‘flexible team’, knowing that Jaywing’s analytical scale and lending credentials made them an ideal strategic partner.
Jaywing’s initial remit was to refine LaSer’s underwriting processes and strategies and evaluate external risk scores for increased effectiveness & driving completive advantage.


The projects were tackled through comprehensive reviews, including things like interviews with key team members, interrogating contact centre processes, call listening, examining processes and rules, reviews of modelling techniques, retrospective analysis and analytical evaluation.
Our aims were to find ways to improve the quality of the lending decision while ensuring resources were used to best effect, as well as a resultant improvement in the customer experience.
We made recommendations for changes and prioritised LaSer’s biggest opportunities to allow them to focus on getting the greatest benefits as soon as possible.
Jaywing continued to support LaSer’s business transformation programme, helping LaSer provide a service to its retailers that “is recognised as market leading, giving LaSer UK a competitive advantage” through a cost-efficient resource model that provides LaSer with access to exceptional marketing, lending and data science professionals.
Jet Uppal, Chief Risk Officer, LaSer UK, a BNP Paribas Personal Finance Company, said: “I’ve worked with Jaywing over a number of years and it has always been an impressive outfit.  I’m absolutely confident they will deliver an exceptional piece of work every time.  It’s a real pleasure to work with a team you can trust plus their flexible team model means I get access to the best people as and when I need them without incurring full-time costs. You can’t lose.” 

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