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Credit Lifecycle Management

Jaywing is home to some of the best scoring technicians around. We build models from scratch, considering appropriate outcome periods that reflect what's going on in the world, to make sure you get the very best performance. 

We provide reporting, analysis, scoring, modelling, cut-off setting, forecasting, decision systems expertise and communications planning throughout the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to customer management, collections and write-off. 

Our goal is to understand your customer and portfolio dynamics to balance your risk appetite with your commercial needs and make solid risk decisions. 

Application scoring and cut-off setting

We build our models to run on your systems or we can run them on ours for you. On top of application scoring, we’ve built and deployed many multi-bureau models, including ones that determine when and which bureaux to call, as well as combining data to deliver better decisions, treat customers fairly, lend responsibly and optimise bad debt performance.

Behavioural scoring

Throughout the customer lifecycle, individual customer behaviour and product holding changes. We're here to help you keep abreast of those things and consider them in your ongoing customer management. We develop behavioural scoring and segmentations that help you make customer specific decisions about additional lending; credit limit management; collections streaming and treatments, from initial contact to write-off; debt collection agency placement and affordability assessment (to name a few). 

Fraud risk

Fraud shape-shifts often, either as career fraudsters figure out new ways to beat the system or personal circumstances result in soft fraud. That's why ensuring fraud defences are up-to-date is more important than ever. Our models and fraud indicators can help you detect more fraud while reducing manual referrals and false positives, keeping you one step ahead of unnecessary fraud losses.


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