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Data Management Consultancy

The data underpinning credit risk is one of the most important assets of any organisation that extends a credit line – and risk data management is one of the key tasks facing lenders across the UK.

When it comes to the data, the efficiency of storage, ease of access and logical definitions of the data are key to driving maximum commercial benefit from the information you hold.

However, many lenders need to balance storing as much data as possible against the need to use information in a simple and effective way. That’s why we make sure your data management for risk will support your key business requirements while also enabling opportunities to deliver benefits in the short term.


Effective data management for risk

We help our clients deliver risk data marts that provide one version of the truth, designed to ensure Enterprise transparency, auditability and executive oversight of risk.

Our data mart building process combines data accurately and efficiently – prerequisites for effective risk data management. To provide a platform for analysis and MI, we take steps to avoid data identification and reconciliation issues, including those that may arise from a merger or acquisition.

Our technical consultants can help bridge the gap between the IT and business, often removing constraints that otherwise slow down or prevent data issues from being resolved.

Strong risk data management and big data technology

As a lender, your task is not simply corralling big data. There has to be a focus on how the technology creates opportunities to deliver better business. The last few years have seen an explosion in data and a glut of new tools introduced to help organise and process big data.

Our 'private cloud' sits inside our secure data architecture, which is used by many financial services organisations. It means we can process large amounts of data and run iterative modelling in considerably shorter timescales.

Here's a flavour of what we can help with:

  • Data consolidation
  • Delivering end-user requirements
  • Data for reporting and regulations
  • Credit risk data preparation

What our clients say:

“Jaywing’s consultants demonstrated deep analytical insight and clarity of thought. Their pragmatic and strategic approach to data management has been refreshing, as has their aptitude for prioritising what actions should be taken in order to reshape how the Business Intelligence team focuses on our clients and our ability to serve them better in the future.”  Irwin Mitchell

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