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Martin Smith

Director of Strategy & Innovation

Martin Smith, Director of Strategy & Innovation

Martin is Head of Product Development within Jaywing’s consultancy team, overseeing the development of specialist, leading-edge analytical products which deliver value to Jaywing’s risk and marketing clients.  These include:

  • Almanac (a digital analytics package)
  • Digital Collections (online Collections negotiation and repayment)
  • Horizon (IFRS9 modelling using machine learning)
  • Archetype (Artificial Intelligence-based modelling and scoring for Risk and Marketing)

Martin’s career has encompassed roles in IT development, CRM & decisioning systems, data consultancy, credit referencing and marketing analytics - as well as client-facing consultancy work for a number of leading organisations.

Martin started his career at First Direct, working in risk, IT and data analytics functions, before expanding his experience through product and consultancy roles at Callcredit, Jaywing, and Experian where he undertook a lead consultancy role specialising in Collections and Customer Management.   

He has a degree in Mathematics from the University of Leeds.