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Shawbrook Bank

Shawbrook Bank set to achieve value beyond IFRS 9 compliance


Shawbrook Bank wanted to build a comprehensive credit risk modelling programme to underpin credit management, impairment forecasting and capital requirements, including stress testing and ICAAP.

Crucially, they needed this fully-integrated approach to incorporate an IFRS 9 solution.


Following the successful completion of an extensive project design phase, detailed requirements and proposed methodologies were mapped out for each of the bank’s five portfolios.

Jaywing went on to develop a suite of models to achieve Credit Grading and IFRS 9 objectives to ensure that the IFRS 9 guidelines are met well ahead of the implementation deadline on 1st January 2018.

Jaywing’s consultants are working in partnership with the bank in order to share their IFRS 9 experience and impairment forecasting knowledge with the bank’s analysts throughout the engagement.

Edward Huang, Head of Risk and Portfolio Analytics, at Shawbrook Bank, said: “As a challenger bank, Shawbrook has a unique advantage of developing an integrated and streamlined credit grading and forward-looking forecasting system to enable consistent credit decisions, capital sufficiency assessment, IFRS 9 impairment forecast and business planning.

“What made Jaywing stand apart is their partnership engagement approach, their practical experience in risk modelling and loss forecasting, their flexibility and adaptability, and ultimately their commitment to timely delivering the solutions within budget to help the bank achieve its strategies including IFRS9 compliance. Jaywing is a valuable addition to the in-house analytic capacities.”

Jaywing will continue to work with Shawbrook Bank throughout IFRS 9 beyond the model build phase to ensure successful parallel run in 2017 and readiness for IFRS 9 go-live in 2018.

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