Jaywing's risk intelligence product suite comprises a range of specialist tools to improve the way you score, model, detect fraud, make lending decisions, set provisions and collect debt.

Built in-house using our years of consulting expertise, our award-winning products encapsulate best practice and offer our clients a significant commercial advantage.


Jaywing’s AI-powered predictive modelling software, Archetype, uses explainable and controllable AI to generate models with greater accuracy, speed and precision than ever before. Fundamental to credit risk, fraud, pricing and marketing, Archetype’s predictive models deliver model performance uplifts of up to 18%, compared to traditionally built models (using the same data).

At the heart of Archetype is a patent-pending model training algorithm that enables users to specify how individual data entities are handled within the model. Our approach is to control the model, preventing any possibility of unwanted behaviours, and then to explain it, using a powerful set of reports that show how the model is constructed, lifting the lid on the neural network’s complexity.

Our multiple award-winning product integrates neatly into your existing processes, is easily managed and enables you to continually improve, redeveloping models the moment they start to deteriorate, without incurring extensive modelling costs. Archetype models promise reduced bad debt, fraud and attrition, and can be used wherever you need to predict an event probability from data you hold.

Archetype is available as modelling software for use by your team, or as deployable models which Jaywing builds for you.

Jaywing Attribution

Save yourself time and money on operations and ensure optimal customer engagement and outcomes.

Jaywing’s Collections Attribution measures the incremental impact and return of collections treatments for each individual customer. Using machine learning technology, the model considers the sequence, timing and details of when each touchpoint happened and predicts the likelihood of positively influencing engagement and recovery by looking at all successful and unsuccessful paths - and understanding what drives the difference.

This accurate, impartial and incredibly powerful modelling technique enhances collections efficiencies, improves operations, and maximises profits.


Our commercial lending platform, Echelon, provides a robust, intuitive browser-based interface which can be used by your underwriters and credit managers to apply grading models, either Probability of Default (PD) or Loss Given Default (LGD), to new applications and account reviews on existing accounts. Deploying your models in this way avoids the pitfalls of trying to manage model risk effectively and consistently through a spreadsheet or other manual process.

Using an ‘expert’ or ‘slotting model’ approach to model deployment, Echelon is completely configurable to the data requirements of each portfolio. Our consultancy team will work with you to define the PD and LGD models (or we can deploy models you already have); deployment is rapid and we can get you set up on the system within days.

Echelon provides regular data extracts to enable to integrate the outputs with your downstream processes such as IFRS 9, and sits alongside your core systems as an affordable means of collecting data and risk grades.

Horizon & IFRS 9 Monitoring Service

Horizon is Jaywing’s IFRS9 modelling execution software. Accessed through a browser, Horizon offers a robust, hosted execution environment in which your models can be implemented, tweaked and run, with the results stored, compared and calculated using an intuitive front end. Using Horizon to host and execute your models ensures that an auditable model execution history is retained, enabling you to replicate the execution of historic models and undertake sensitivity testing and back testing, giving assurance to your internal team and an audit-strength record to get you through your end of year processes.

Originally designed to use machine learning to calculate robust, compliant models from your own data and parameter inputs, Horizon has recently been expanded to accommodate more tailored, bespoke models which are defined at a point in time and maintained for you by Jaywing’s consultancy team in collaboration with your risk and finance teams.

As well as providing a home for your models in Horizon, we have a separate service that takes care of IFRS9 model monitoring. This web-based tool enables you to separate out the effects of model error and forecast error, producing a comprehensive set of reports that get you ahead of your auditors, and able to spot weaknesses in your model performance before your financial year end.


While many organisations have a single customer view embedded as part of their data platform, one rich source of insight that is often overlooked is the web analytics data that demonstrates what individual customers are doing as they engage with your website or app. That’s where Almanac comes in.

Almanac is Jaywing’s data management platform. Designed to create rich single customer views which incorporate browsing behaviour, Almanac links together browser session data with information held in downstream systems such as CRM, sales and contact centre records.

By combining these sources, and establishing links across browser sessions and devices, you can build a detailed analytical picture of how customers use your website or app, understand what helps or hinders the sales process and get a truly holistic picture of your customers’ engagement from their very first click right the way through the sales process and beyond.

Almanac sources this data from your existing website, either through a bespoke website tags or by accessing your existing tracking data. Unlike some providers, the insight generated is available only for use by your organisation – it’s never sold on for use in other providers’ segmentation rules or products.