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IFRS 9 Summary

As of 1st January 2018, IFRS 9 became the mandatory accounting standard for financial institutions. Developing the necessary models requires a lot of experienced and expert resources. Which is why we’ve created two ways to access ours. We offer teams of highly skilled mathematicians with a wealth of knowledge in consultancy-led delivery, or advanced software with a proven methodology for creating accurate models with consultancy support throughout implementation. The introduction of IFRS 9 represents the most significant change to financial instrument accounting in over a decade, replacing the existing rules of IAS 39.

IFRS 9 software: Horizon

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Horizon is Jaywing's comprehensive IFRS 9 SaaS solution. It has been designed to address the challenges of implementation by automating critical components of the process of generating IFRS 9 compliant provision, including:

  • Expected Credit Loss (ECL)
  • Probability at Default (PD)
  • Loss Given Default (LGD)
  • Stage Allocation

In addition, its user-friendly interface allows lenders to adjust the models to their individual requirements while providing full transparency regarding all components of the solution. It can be used either to implement IFRS 9 models or validate them.

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IFRS 9 bespoke consultancy

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Jaywing's modelling experts are well-versed in building, validating and monitoring the compliant models the new requirements demand. We're already working with several of the UK's leading lenders.

Jaywing's approach adds value beyond compliance by giving you a complete understanding of risk. Through transparent and detailed calculations of balance sheet figures, lifetime expected loss calculations and other analytics, you will be able to rethink pricing and business investment strategies.

Contact us

To find out more about how we can support your unique IFRS 9 requirements, please call us on 0333 370 6600 or email [email protected] 

What our clients say:

“Jaywing brings a wealth of IFRS 9 experience and combines excellent modelling credentials with extensive industry knowledge. Their development of high-quality ECL models within tight timescales means that we are well placed to achieve IFRS 9 compliance within our project timescales.”  John Lowe, Finance Director at Coventry Building Society

“What made Jaywing stand apart is their partnership engagement approach, their practical experience in risk modelling and loss forecasting, their flexibility and adaptability, and ultimately their commitment to timely delivery of the solutions within budget to help the bank achieve its strategies, including IFRS 9 compliance. Jaywing is a valuable addition to the in-house analytic capacities.” Edward Huang, Head of Risk and Portfolio Analytics, Shawbrook Bank

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