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Over 40 lenders have entrusted Jaywing to help them achieve their IFRS 9 modelling and compliance objectives, whether that be with the development, validation, monitoring, forecasting/stress testing or deployment of their models.

IFRS 9 Summary

As of 1st January 2018, IFRS 9 became the mandatory accounting standard for most lenders

IFRS 9 is an accounting standard for financial institutions that presents significant modelling challenges to those lenders that report within it. Despite the elapsed time since the embedment of these standards, our clients continue to grapple with the more complex concepts such as modelling the forward-looking environment and quantifying significant increase in credit risk. All of this is compounded by more rigorous external audit processes and ramping up of governance expectations.

Developing the necessary models requires a lot of experienced and expert resources. Which is why we’ve created two ways to access ours. We offer teams of highly skilled mathematicians with a wealth of knowledge in consultancy-led delivery, or advanced software with a proven methodology for creating accurate models with consultancy support throughout implementation. 


Model Implementation

We've helped over a dozen lenders implement the IFRS 9 standard and have refined our techniques through time

No matter the platform or programming language (SAS, SQL, Python or R) gain support with your IFRS 9 model implementation needs.

Model Development

Whether its building models from first principles or enhancing existing models, we always employ industry standard approaches that are commensurate to your size and ambitions.

Our approach is based upon estimating IFRS 9 ECLs using the standard components of PD, EAD and LGD, with the application of discounting and compliant stage allocation applied.

Model Validation

Enhance performance and stability and fulfil your specific model risk and governance requirements with 1st or 2nd line model validation

Whether it be a for a one-off engagement or one of our many long-term validation partnerships, reviewing a model development or as part of an ongoing periodic validation, we either adopt our client’s model governance policies or deploy our own set of standards fine-tuned after working across multiple model validation projects.

Model Monitoring

IFRS 9 model monitoring. Made simple.

Jaywing's model monitoring tool, Horizon, enables you to separate out the effects of model error and forecast error, producing a comprehensive set of reports that get you ahead of your auditors, and able to spot weaknesses in your model performance before your financial year end.

How can Jaywing help?

Jaywing specialise in assisting banks with implementing, practical, proportionate, and fit for purpose risk management frameworks. Our consultants, many of which have a blend of banking and consulting experience, assist banks at all stages of their organisational development, to refine and improve Governance, Capital & Liquidity Management and Stress Testing frameworks. If you would like to speak to one of our experts please contact us.

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Horizon, our Model Deployment platform

Horizon is our flexible and fully transparent IFRS 9 deployment platform that enables our clients to securely execute their bespoke IFRS 9 models. We also support our clients to implement their models onto other platforms.

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