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Fraud costs UK businesses billions each year. It devours profits, shatters reputations, and erodes customer trust.

At Jaywing, we help businesses across banking, telecommunications and retail industries identify and address fraud vulnerabilities before they become costly problems.

Our comprehensive Fraud Health Check provides a clear picture of your current fraud prevention measures and helps you develop a long-term strategy to mitigate risks.

Understanding the impact of fraud on your business is crucial.

But wouldn't it be better to identify and fix weaknesses before they cost you?


of all crime in England and Wales is rooted from fraudulent activities.  


was lost last year to fraud. 

Jaywing’s fraud health check isn’t a tick-boxing exercise. With a track-record in assessing and mitigating the enterprise-wide impacts of fraud, we go beyond basic checks, providing deep insights into your current vulnerabilities, and sharing effective fraud prevention measures.

Our most popular fraud health checks

Application Fraud Assessment​

Optimise fraud detection and prevent first party and synthetic threats, whereby fraudsters create fictitious identities using a complex combination of real and fabricated information.

Account Takeover Fraud​ (ATO)

Prevent Account Takeover Fraud by rapidly detecting suspicious changes in account details and activity through efficient triggers and checks.



  • Hidden vulnerabilities that fraudsters could exploit across your company's operations, such as financial systems, internal controls, employee practices, and IT infrastructure.


  • The effectiveness of current controls, including policies, procedures, and employee training programs.


  • Patterns and trends based off historical data and past fraud attempts to bolster defences. 


  • Areas for improvement compared to industry best practices.


Reveal your vulnerabilities with our fraud health check

Be empowered to


  • Strengthen prevention measures with targeted strategies.


  • Boost awareness amongst employees and customers to foster a culture of vigilance and encourage proactive reporting of suspicious activities.


  • Protect your assets, reputation, and bottom line.


Gain tailored advice on fraud prevention measures
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Phishing attacks target customers' sensitive information and identification and prevention of that is important for maintaining the security of online banking platforms.

Social Engineering​

Social engineering attacks in banking are on the increase, its prevention is essential for protecting customers' sensitive information and financial assets. 

Call Centre Fraud​

Call centres often provide a fraudster access to accounts and the ability to change details to a communication route they control, fraud in this area is crucial for protecting customers' accounts and sensitive information.

Credential Stuffing​

Identifying and preventing credential stuffing attacks helps safeguard against unauthorised account access and protects sensitive customer information.

P2P Fraud​

P2P fraud identification and prevention is essential for digital payment platforms to maintain trust among users and mitigate financial losses. 

Card Fraud​

Identifying and preventing credit card fraud helps financial institutions and merchants to protect their customers and minimise financial losses.




A robust system of education and prevention will help prevent customers falling victim to scams and social engineering tactics.


​​Controls to monitor incoming and outgoing activity will help in protecting customers from unwittingly calling expensive premium numbers controlled by fraudsters.

SIM jacking​

Identifying and preventing SIM jacking, also known as SIM swapping, is crucial for safeguarding against unauthorized access to accounts, particularly those protected by OTP and 2FA mechanisms. ​

Network Fraud​

Network fraud identification and controls are essential for telecommunications companies to protect their infrastructure, customers, and revenue streams. ​



Returns/Chargeback Fraud​

Analysing patterns in consumer behaviour related to returns and chargeback fraud requires a nuanced understanding of various fraud types and consumer behaviours. 

Bonus Abuse​

To combat bonus abuse, organisations often rely on creating a single customer view and implementing various checks and assessments to ensure that each customer receives only one bonus or promotional offer. ​

Drop Point/Delivery Fraud ​

Geolocation tagging and clustering can be a valuable tool for assessing and mitigating drop point or delivery fraud, especially when analysing data at the store level or within specific regions​.


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