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Credit risk. Fraud. Modelling. Stress testing. Regulation. Data management.

Our flexible teams of analytics and consulting experts give you the confidence and reassurance that risk is under control - and the inspiration to leverage risk to your advantage. We work with you or for you, at your place or ours, and our approaches are tried and tested.

Our Capabilities


Overcome the challenges of IFRS 9 and achieve value beyond compliance.

  • Model Development
  • Model Validation
  • Model Deployment

Motor Finance

We're experts in helping Motor Finance providers like you manage redress programmes. Our data specialists & analysts can help you identify & calculate redress amounts owed, ensure accurate data & robust processes, meet and exceed regulatory requirements.


Transform your strategy and achieve significant fraud savings with extremely powerful, robust and explainable models.

Model Risk Management

Achieve and exceed the PRA's model risk management (SS1/23 and CP6/22) requirements with our award-winning team of analytics and consulting experts.

Credit Decisioning & Strategy

Obtain bespoke credit, collections and pricing models and strategies, built using cutting edge AI technologies to optimise decision-making.

Stress Testing Forecasting

Solve the complexities of forecasting or stressing provision and capital outputs using Jaywing’s tried and tested framework, tailored to your specific needs to fulfil the Bank of England’s CST, ICAAP and other business planning and regulatory objectives.


Improve your capital management, risk governance, risk management frameworks and liquidity management to navigate the multitude of regulatory requirements.

  • Achieve Consumer Duty Requirements


De-risk your marketing through personalisation and campaign execution, econometrics and attribution, price optimisation and collection strategies.


Develop and validate IRB models that meet the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and European Banking Authority (EBA) regulatory requirements.


Define and refine your data strategy, ensuring that you have an efficient and consistent data repository with shared definitions that are consistent across your organisation.


Leverage specialist tools to improve the way you score, model, detect fraud, make lending decisions, set provisions and collect debt.

  • Archetype
  • Collections Attribution

Data-Driven Housing Association Solution

How are housing associations thriving in the face of unique hurdles - providing secure, affordable housing to tenants while wrestling with fragmented data, tightening budgets, and mounting regulatory pressures? Best practice data management and AI-based predictive modelling. That’s how.

Risk Intelligence Products

Specialist tools to improve the way you score, model, detect fraud, make lending decisions, set provisions and collect debt.

Jaywing's product suite includes configurable websites that support commercial lending or undertake online Collections processing, and software that automates your modelling activities using cutting-edge techniques such as machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, generating risk predictions that can far exceed your existing application or behavioural risk score.

Built in-house using our years of consulting expertise, Risk Intelligence products encapsulate best practice and offer our clients a significant commercial advantage.