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Jaywing's experts leverage data to determine strategic outcomes for your business. Resulting in better outcomes for your tenants and better operational and commercial outcomes for you.

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How are housing associations thriving in the face of unique hurdles - providing secure, affordable housing to tenants while wrestling with fragmented data, tightening budgets, and mounting regulatory pressures?

Best practice data management and AI-based predictive modelling. That’s how.

Not familiar with predictive modelling? Don’t worry. That’s where our dedicated consultants come in.


With over 25 years of experience, Jaywing’s predictive modelling solution leverages AI-powered algorithms to analyse your data and predict future customer behaviour and operational outcomes. This powerful tool improves processes, enhances efficiencies, and has earned the trust of many leading businesses across the UK.


Move from reactive to proactive.
With Jaywing's predictive modelling solution, you can:


Repairs and maintenance

Arrears management

Financial reporting


The overall efficiency of your business

Tenancy comfort and safety

Regulatory compliance


Overworked teams

Dissatisfied tenants

Regulatory risks and fines

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As data proliferates like never before, it’s easy to end up with a mix of legacy and fragmented platforms.

Jaywing has tackled this challenge with the data-savvy financial services sector for over 20 years and is now successfully applying our approach to the housing sector.

Our user-centric methods turn data into trusted information, enabling you to make swift, accurate decisions when it matters the most.

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