Unlock the power of your data

Do you know what data secrets you have lurking in dark corners?

Every second, data is generated, exchanged, and transformed into insights that drive decisions. To ensure those decisions are optimised for business success, that data needs to be trusted and managed effectively.

At Jaywing, we specialise in uncovering the hidden power within your data, empowering you to make confident, informed decisions.


Make Better Business Decisions with Data

Our data specialists work with some of the biggest names across financial services, telecommunications, automotive, and retail – We  know how to transform data into a valuable asset for business growth.

If you’re ready to take the first step in towards data-driven excellence, download our whitepaper, 'How to Make Better Business Decisions with Data', and discover:

  • Strategies to align your data objectives with your business goals.
  • Expert insights into how a data management audit can reveal how your customers behave and where your business is heading - charting your path to success.
  • Real-world examples of businesses leveraging data to drive growth.

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With more complete data, you unlock deep insights into customer behaviour, market trends and, ultimately, gain a competitive advantage over your rivals.


  • Customers
  • Journeys
  • Decision Points
  • Drop Offs


  • Performance
  • Return on Investment
  • Customer Value
  • Satisfaction & Loyalty


  • Acquisition
  • Conversion Journeys
  • Personalisation
  • Retention

75% of businesses who have improved their data quality in the last year have exceeded their goals in some manner.


Make the most of your data. Download our whitepaper.

As our specialists say in the whitepaper: making decisions without data is like trying to hit a bullseye blindfolded.


Sure, you might hit the target, but you’re at the mercy of chance – and that’s a risky game.

When making business decisions, that risk isn’t an option.

The first step to eliminating this risk is a data audit.

Jaywing’s data audit is run by our multi-award-winning consultants. In four steps, we help you understand your data landscape and build your data roadmap for continuous improvements and business growth.

Step 1

Data Landscape Analysis: We collaborate with your experts and stakeholders to gather information about your data landscape and business objectives, identifying gaps and opportunities.

Step 2

Current State Assessment: We conduct an “as-is” analysis, creating a logical entity model and mapping the current state of your data processes and systems.

Step 3

Target State: We help you define where you want, and need, to be. 

Step 4

Data Strategy Workshop: Our data specialists present their findings to you - going beyond a mere assessment, providing recommendations on everything from your data management processes to data quality and data governance. 

Step 5

Create the plan: We take the outputs of the workshop to build your data roadmap including key recommendations to reach your target state. This ensures you’re set for optimised processes, enhanced data-driven decision-making capabilities, and powerful business growth.

We understand the heavy workload shouldered by business leaders – so our approach is meticulously designed to be as light touch as possible.

Take the First Step Towards Data-Driven Success

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