Our consultants work with CRO’s, CFO’s and other senior risk leaders to provide a special blend of industry experience and consulting insights, helping firms to improve their risk management practices and to navigate the multitude of regulatory requirements.

Capital Management

Jaywing have worked with dozens of banks of all sizes in recent years, helping them to improve their assessment and calculation of their capital requirements and the ICAAP process. Our consultants can work with banks in an advisory or hands on capacity to address any regulatory issues, help new and growing banks evolve to the PRA’s latest requirements or introduce climate change stress testing by developing models that are suited to your organisation.

Our “self-assessment” diagnostic tool helps our clients to determine where the potential for improvement is the greatest and helps firms benchmark themselves against regulatory expectations.

Risk Management Frameworks

Complimentary to our industry leading model development capabilities, Jaywing can provide support to firms by advising them on the development and improvement of their Risk Management Frameworks. In particular, we specialise in working with clients to improve their Risk Appetite Statements and the associated metrics and management information that are such a fundamental part of today's management of risk across a firm.

We have, in the last year worked with a number of firms to align their risk appetite tolerance limits to their risk strategy and helped to improve the risk reporting of the risk reporting through improved risk reports.

Liquidity Management

Working with CFO’s and Treasury leads, Jaywing consultants are experienced at providing practical support for the production and improvement of a firms ILAAP. Our consultants can help your firm to identify, measure and assess the various types of liquidity risks your bank may be exposed to. We can help your firm to better understand how these risks can be managed and help you develop the tools to monitor and mitigate the risks.

Consumer Duty

The FCA’s Consumer Duty represents a critical change in the regulatory landscape, requiring adaptations that impact people, policies, processes, and technology. To help you navigate these changes and meet the July 31st 2023 deadline, Jaywing has adapted our tried and tested customer engagement methodologies to meet the new requirements.

Regulation shouldn't be a burden and, through an expert outsourced or insourced arrangement, it doesn't have to be.

Our analytical firepower can support you when regulation requirements put pressure on your teams to deliver more than their day job.