Underpinned by 20 years of data-science expertise, Jaywing’s Collections Attribution is an impartial and incredibly powerful mathematical modelling process that measures the incremental impact and return of collections treatments for each individual customer. Saving you time and money on operations and ensuring optimal customer engagement and outcomes.


We hoover up all your data

From a limitless set of offline data (Letters, SMS, phone calls and emails) and digital data (website and chatbot interactions). All at an individual-level.

We then use sophisticated mathematical techniques to identify millions and millions of customer journeys - both successful and unsuccessful.



We construct the model

Using machine learning technology, the model considers the sequence, timing and details of when each touchpoint happened and predicts the likelihood of positively influencing engagement and recovery by looking at all successful and unsuccessful paths and understanding what drives the difference.

We also break the journeys out into sub-sets and calculate how successful each journey could be without a specific event - i.e. what if we removed email or a specific letter or dialler cycle from the collections journey.

The Shapley Value is then applied to attribution a fair share of value across treatments.



Reveal the truth

You'll see a weekly dashboard report, showing the performance of all your treatments.

While you're busy reading that, our consultants are already refining your model, so you can continually improve operational efficiencies, optimise your collections strategy and maximise engagements from each individual customer.




We create a platform where you can run different scenarios to help you understand the impact, both financially and operationally, of moving your focus between treatments.

You’ll be able to determine which customers are most responsive to different treatments, and focus your activity on the group most likely to engage or repay.

Why listen to us?

We work with leading brands across many sectors with a proven approach to accurate, sophisticated, data-driven attribution. So why not get in touch today to find out how Jaywing's machine learning attribution method could power your collections activity.