News & Views / Jaywing appoints new MD of data science arm
23 February 2016

Jaywing appoints new MD of data science arm


Today we are announcing that Ben O’Brien has been promoted to lead the company’s data science arm. The appointment marks Jaywing’s long-held and ongoing commitment to data science.  Data science sits at the heart of the business, delivering heavyweight analytical, ‘big data’ management and data product services.

As part of his new role, O’Brien will head up Jaywing’s 60-strong team of data scientists and risk consultants. The team is responsible for analysing big data and developing complex models and algorithms to reveal unique insight, help run businesses optimally, meet challenging regulatory requirements and create precision in customer experience to achieve significant competitive advantage for its clients. O’Brien previously held the role of Risk Practice Director at Jaywing, leading on projects with many of the UK’s largest banks and building societies and utilities companies. In his new role, Ben will become the company’s lead for data science across risk, marketing, business intelligence and data management consulting practices, delivering integrated services in conjunction with its agency business.

Ben is an accomplished mathematician with considerable expert knowledge in his field, having worked in risk and data science his entire career.  Prior to working at Jaywing, O’Brien spent five years working for Experian. He joined Jaywing in 2001 and over the last fifteen years has been integral to the growth of the company’s data science offering for clients.