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News & Views / Jaywing named as finalist in 2016 DataIQ Talent Awards
31 May 2016

Jaywing named as finalist in 2016 DataIQ Talent Awards

I am very excited to share that two Jaywingers from our Data Science team are finalists in two categories for the DataIQ Talent Awards 2016.

The DataIQ awards celebrate the top performers using data to drive performance and reach previously undiscovered heights in the field of data science. The Jaywingers selected as finalists are recognised for helping clients get the most out of data – turning it into actionable creative insights while enhancing the profitability of their assets.

Being selected as a finalist is a huge achievement for our Jaywingers, and also, for a data science-led company like Jaywing it demonstrates the quality of our talented people and the exciting work we are doing in this field.

Meet our finalists:

New Talent Award 2016

This award recognises a new generation of analysts, data managers, modellers and statisticians who are vital in keeping the data industry up and running.

Finalist: Mitch Vidler – Head of Digital Analysis

Since his arrival at Jaywing in early 2015, Mitch has been the mastermind behind a number of significant new product developments, which transform the way marketers use and connect data to deliver unique business insights and better, more accurate marketing. His digital analysis and data strengths have opened up new business opportunities for Jaywing and its clients like never before.

His focus is on gathering new and existing structured and unstructured data from multiple systems and devices and using it to generate meaningful business insights and actions.  

Data Scientist/Big Data Leader

This award recognises individuals who are able to demonstrate the use of leading-edge analytical techniques to discover new business opportunities or customer behaviours

Finalist: Martin Benson – Senior Consultant

A trained mathematician with a Master’s Degree and PhD in Mathematics, and leading expert in driving business value from data, Martin is at the forefront of data science. From designing Jaywing’s Big Data cluster to creating highly-scalable decision optimisation algorithms and building predictive models, Martin is recognised for driving business value from data and developing relevant technology that directly grows business opportunities.

Spearheading commercial applications of machine learning, statistical analysis, data-mining and modelling, Martin’s innovative approach has led to the development of a number of forward-thinking solutions to meet the challenges of gaining insight from big data.

Congratulations to Mitch and Martin for their nominations. We are proud to work with such outstanding people and we’re delighted that they have been recognised for the impact they’re having on our clients and the industry as a whole. There are only a few weeks to go until the awards dinner on 16 June on-board the Silver Sturgeon in London, where we look forward to celebrating exceptional talent in data.

If you are interested in data and joining an exciting and rewarding work environment, have a look at our latest career opportunities or drop an email to