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News & Views / Jaywing’s Fraud Prevention Solution Earns Finalist Spot at Credit Awards
15 May 2024

Jaywing’s Fraud Prevention Solution Earns Finalist Spot at Credit Awards

We're proud to share that Jaywing has been named a finalist at the Credit Awards, hosted by Credit Strategy.

For 25 years, these awards have celebrated “best practices, innovation, and those setting new standards in the credit and financial services industries”, with Novuna, BMW, Experian and HSBC being amongst last year’s winners.

Among the 30+ categories celebrating credit achievements, one stands out for its importance in protecting businesses: "Excellence in Fraud Prevention." It's in this category that risk and data science consultancy, Jaywing, secured its spot as a finalist.



The nomination recognises our success in combating first- and third-party fraud for one of our clients. Working closely with the business, we integrated various data sources to develop a comprehensive fraud prevention solution within a tight deadline.

Our proprietary technology, Archetype—an AI-powered modelling software—played a key role in the project. It uses advanced predictive modelling to identify complex patterns and rule combinations within the data and accurately flag and prioritise activity most likely to be fraudulent, all whilst simultaneously allowing for smoother onboarding of “good” customers.

Leveraging Archetype's explainability, whereby the user can see how the model came to its predictions, we instilled confidence in the client, showcasing the effectiveness of the solution.

Through a rigorous development process, our fraud team created bespoke, AI-powered scorecards for first- and third-party fraud, flagging high-risk cases while minimising legitimate declines. The results were staggering, surpassing the client's savings target and positioning them for sustained success in their fraud prevention initiatives.

"We're incredibly proud to be a finalist at the Credit Awards," says Ben O’Brien, Managing Director. "This project was a true team effort, showcasing expertise across our business—from data management and modelling to analytics and fraud strategy. Being recognised for leveraging our proprietary technology, Archetype, which has won us numerous awards in the past, is the cherry on top."

Stay tuned for the award ceremony on June 18th when the winners will be announced.

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