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Meet Archetype, Jaywing's new Artificial Intelligence powered modelling product


We are pleased to announce the launch of Archetype, Jaywing’s new risk technology product that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help lenders generate transparent statistical models and predict almost any outcome on almost any data set.

Artificial Intelligence isn’t new, but take up has been slow within the credit risk arena. Restrictions in processing power, coupled with the difficulty of making models behave in a predictable, understandable way, meant that AI hasn’t previously fulfilled its potential as a replacement for more common methods of scorecard and model development.   Back when Artificial Intelligence (AI) was introduced, it didn't live up to its own hype. That has changed in the last few years as advances in processing power, modelling techniques and a proliferation of data have transformed the field.

Now, Jaywing has solved one of the issues that was preventing the mass adoption of AI in credit scoring: how to build models that can be understood and agreed by the business, whilst maximising their predictive power.

AI is now ready to revolutionise the way we do business.

By applying AI to credit risk and fraud modelling, lenders can now develop more powerful models – and redevelop them the moment they begin to deteriorate -  without incurring the resource costs typically associated with model development.

To enable our clients to directly benefit from these breakthroughs, Jaywing has created an AI risk modelling product: Archetype.

What is Archetype?

Archetype is our new AI based predictive modelling suite for credit risk, fraud and marketing.  It uses true AI, with machine learning techniques such as deep neural nets, to generate more powerful models. This enables you to squeeze vastly more insight from your data, whilst significantly reducing the development time and effort compared to traditional models.

It affords lenders the opportunity to fully redevelop models the moment they begin to deteriorate, without incurring the resource costs typically associated with model redevelopment.  Archetype also overcomes transparency concerns that have until now hindered the use of AI in credit scoring.

Archetype is accessible via a browser and requires no IT installation. So, you could develop neural net models at speed - and a high degree of accuracy – in just days.

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Key benefits:

  • Leverage AI to create high-performing predictive models
  • Generate models with a Gini coefficiency up to 10% higher
  • Gain more insight from your data than ever before
  • Increase productivity beyond human potential
  • Automate manual and complex model development processes
  • Optimise business results

Organisations looking to make their first steps into AI-based modelling can make use of Archetype supported by our consultants, or sign up to use the product themselves through an easily-accessible web-based interface.

The potential for the application of Archetype goes beyond risk and fraud detection as it can be used to model almost any outcome on almost any data set, whether that’s in credit risk, collections, fraud or marketing propensity.

How do I get set-up?

Accessed by a secure web-based system, Archetype is available as both a software offer and as a service supported by our consultants.  Get in touch for a demo, and we can help you get started within weeks.

Jaywing’s team of risk and data science specialists is now more than 70 strong. It has supported over twenty-five lenders in the UK with risk modelling and analysis including Lloyds Banking Group, Royal Bank of Scotland, Nationwide, Secure Trust Bank, Shawbrook Bank, Paragon Bank and Coventry, Skipton, West Bromwich, Newcastle and Nottingham Building Societies. In addition to supplying AI risk technology, Jaywing’s experts offer specialist AI consulting services for lenders looking to embed AI into their organisation. 

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