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The AI Talk: Busting Myths, Mitigating Risks, Seizing Growth

In our recent webinar, "The AI Talk", credit risk and data science experts, Dr Steve Finlay and Dr Joe Breeden, explored the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence and machine learning applications in the financial sector. 

They debunked the myths surrounding AI and presented us with the possibilities that await.

But, where there’s opportunity, there’s risk. And we learned about these too. Steve and Joe discussed how to mitigate these risks, providing tips to elevate efficiencies and bolster profits within organisations.

Catch-up on the webinar to learn:

  • Why the effectiveness of your credit risk models hinges on data and how machine learning can navigate complex datasets.
  • The truth about biases in AI models, and how to address these.
  • The key barriers to AI adoption for financial services.
  • Where AI model solutions work best (and where they're unnecessary).

Watch the webinar now and catch-up on the key takeaways.

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Watch the webinar and delve into the key takeaways.