Neil Plant

Lead Data Architect

With over 30 years of working with business teams looking to make best use of data, Neil brings significant, hands-on experience to the use of data within organisations. As well as understanding technical issues, he is familiar with many of the challenges faced by business teams. ​

Neil is a firm proponent of the idea of effective Data Management being key to business users having the confidence and ability to use as wide a range of data as possible in pursuit of business objectives. He also champions approaches where business users, as those with most experience of data, take ownership of the management of data while relying on technology teams to deliver data. ​

Neil has advised many Jaywing clients in a range of industry sectors and on a variety of topics (financial services risk – prime and sub-prime, financial regulation – IRB, IFRS 9, BCBS 239, direct marketing/customer communications, Open Banking, CRM/Sales, legal), in the development of Data Management functions. He has also led many of the developments associated with such functions from strategy development and target operating models through database/data mart design to implementation of data dictionary and data quality solutions. ​

He is familiar with most major relational database technologies (MS SQL Server, Teradata, DB2, Oracle, MySQL) and has found this experience useful when working with non-relational, SQL based platforms as well as unstructured data. He has worked with many of the tools used to access data by business users in reporting, analysis, and customer engagement (SAS, MS Dynamics, Power BI, SugarCRM, various SQL clients). With significant technical experience, it is his understanding of the underpinnings of such technologies and how they can be applied to an even wider range that is most relevant to clients. He is valued by clients as someone who can ‘bridge the gap’ between technology and business teams due to his experience derived from working on ‘both sides of the fence’. ​