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2019 is a key turning point for IFRS 9. In this new guide, we explore how lenders can enhance current models and leverage IFRS 9 for other business objectives - such as stress testing and IRB.

About this resource

The considerable work that went in to preparing for the 2018 IFRS 9 deadline doesn't stop there. There is an ongoing need for reporting on impairment outputs, while addressing key weaknesses evident in the first-generation models.

Moreover, the work can now be used to benefit other projects. For example, whilst you may have adapted IRB models to estimate expected credit losses for IFRS 9, you could use the models to move to an advanced IRB approach.

Key highlights

  • Monitoring and enhancing your existing IFRS 9 models
  • Using IFRS 9 models for stress testing and advanced IRB
  • Boosting business profitability and strategy