Explainable Fraud Detection

Combining decades of fraud modelling experience with powerful, predictive machine learning technology, our consultants can help you detect and prevent more fraud, save on losses, and reduce costs. That's why over 30 different financial services brands have entrusted us with their fraud models.

Using Jaywing's AI-based predictive software, Archetype, we build powerful fraud models so you can detect and prevent fraud, save on losses, confidently prioritise cases and rest assured that you are dedicating resources where they are needed most.

Don't settle for black box solutions

AI revolutionised fraud prediction. But it came with a catch. The reasons behind its outputs are often inexplicable - provide no insight into the nature of the threat and make it difficult for fraud investigators to appropriately pursue suspicious cases.

Unlock the power of explainable AI

With Jaywing’s fully explainable, multi-award-winning AI software, Archetype, you can increase the accuracy of your models, enabling you to remove unnecessary friction from the customer experience whilst also identifying and preventing more fraud.

Putting you in control

Archetype's models have identified nearly 80% of fraudulent activity within a high-risk segment of 2% of applicants. With this powerful tool at your disposal, you can confidently prioritise cases, understand the reasons behind referrals and inform underwriter investigations.

Request a proof of concept

Rapidly develop and deploy fraud models with unparalleled accuracy, speed and transparency.

The models are 'always-optimal', meaning they can be redeveloped the moment they start to deteriorate, without incurring the costs typically associated with model development.

On top of that, the models don’t require you to integrate any new sources of data and can be deployed within any modern decision system.

After completing this form, an expert from our team will be in touch. They will discuss the requirements for the test file to ensure the proof of concept analysis will be relevant to your business objectives. Our fraud specialists will then create a model and demonstrate an uplift over your existing scores or rule sets.


Winner of the Credit & Collections Technology Awards, 2022.


Winner of the Credit & Collections Technology Awards, 2021, with Virgin Money.


Winner at the AI and Machine Learning Awards, 2019.

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