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IFRS 9 Consultancy

Bespoke IFRS 9 consulting from the risk experts

  • Over 17 years experience helping lenders with IFRS 9 provisioning, IRB, stress testing, ICAAP and credit grading
  • Bespoke consultancy services
  • Flexible team approach ensures maximum efficiencies and expertise
  • Team of highly experienced IFRS 9 consulting & modelling experts
  • Dedicated data management experts on hand for implementation challenges
  • IFRS 9 model implementation experts

Jaywing’s IFRS 9 consulting and modelling experts understand that organisations face both strategic and business challenges when adapting to the IFRS 9 latest version which requires fundamental changes to business models. Our experts are well-versed in building, validating and monitoring the compliant models that the IFRS 9 latest version demands. We’re already working with several of the UK’s leading lenders to help them take advantage of IFRS 9 benefits.

Jaywing's approach adds value beyond compliance by giving you a complete understanding of risk. Through transparent and detailed calculations of balance sheet figures, lifetime expected loss calculations and other analytics, you will be able to rethink pricing and business investment strategies.

Download our whitepaper to discover the steps to success and IFRS 9 benefits

Jaywing has extensive experience in credit risk analytics and has developed a solution based on over 17 years’ experience helping many of the UK’s lenders from Nationwide to Shawbrook Bank and Coventry Building Society with IFRS 9 consulting, IRB, stress testing, ICAAP and credit grading requirements.

Find out more by calling our risk experts on 0333 370 6600 or email [email protected] 

Call us on 0333 370 6600 or email [email protected]

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