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IFRS 9 Software: Horizon

IFRS 9. All Wrapped Up.

  • User-friendly​ hosted platform that uses your own data for all aspects of IFRS 9 modelling, reporting and execution.
  • Transparency around all IFRS 9 model components – allowing them to be sense checked and ratified.
  • Validate existing models or assess the impact of provisions.
  • Configurable solution – adjust key model parameters to ensure outputs are suitable and apply your own segments and scenarios.
  • Downloadable charts and tables – all key outputs provided as charts and tables for incorporation into your management reports.
  • Deep industry knowledge and expertise delivered through a secure, hosted site for a highly competitive annual licence cost.

What is Horizon?

Our IFRS 9 Software, Horizon, is an advanced modelling tool that uses Jaywing’s proprietary methodology to enable you to manage IFRS 9 Expected Credit Loss (ECL) model requirements quickly and easily.

Horizon harnesses Jaywing’s credit risk expertise, gained over the past 17 years and more recently through working on IFRS 9 solutions with several leading UK-based lenders. We have incorporated our regulation and credit risk expertise into an affordable, fully integrated and automated IFRS 9 solution. Crucially, we deliver this capability through a secure, hosted platform, which is used to run the IFRS 9 models on an ongoing basis.

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Horizon manages all aspects of IFRS 9 Expected Credit Loss models

Horizon models each component of Open Rate, Average Balance, PD, EAD and LGD, providing dynamic reporting for each of these components, and calculating Stage Assignment, Lifetime PD predictions, Expected Credit Loss and Provisions.

Modelling is based on your own data, coupled with a series of parameter settings that give you control over the way the models respond to economic factors.  The outputs can be split by segment and into a range of economic scenarios, and the use of economic data means that the system can also be used in stress testing.


With fully adjustable model parameters

This integrated approach to IFRS 9 reporting leverages fully adjustable model parameters, transparent and auditable modelling components and a user-friendly interface.

Horizon is designed to be pragmatic and works on portfolio-level summary data since this is often the only form of data that is available historically. So, no bulky file transfers are required, and no personally identifiable data need be transmitted to us.

All backed by our rich heritage in credit risk

While Horizon is designed for use by analysts within your Risk or Finance function, our consultants are on hand if you need additional support on data definition or IFRS 9 model creation.  Horizon is fully transparent and is backed by a methodology that has proven successful in multiple implementations.

Crucially, our IFRS 9 solution is designed with data security in mind – using all our extensive experience of handling sensitive data on behalf of our clients.

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