One Savings Bank appoints Jaywing to support with its IRB programme

Jaywing partnered with specialist lender One Savings Bank within its second line function, to independently review and challenge its models, with the first task being the rating system as part of its IRB programme.

An increasing reliance on models, regulatory pressures and changes, and talent scarcity is driving banks towards external experts for trusted long-term risk model validation. Recent focus from the regulator and raised awareness of the consequences mean the stakes in managing model risk have never been higher.

That’s why One Savings Bank put potential model validation suppliers through a rigorous vendor selection process. To support their selection of a partner, the bank commissioned trial validation projects to each qualified vendor in the selection process. The bank then used the output of the trial projects, coupled with a proposal and vendor interview process to select their preferred partner.

With Jaywing’s model validation expertise, One Savings Bank can achieve a greater level of independent model assessment ensuring models are fit for purpose while adhering to regulatory requirements.

Deputy Chief Risk Officer at One Savings Bank, Nicholas Hurst, says

“It was vital we selected a partner with a strong track record in credit risk analytics and which boasted impressive modelling capabilities. This is why we put potential vendors through a rigorous selection process."

"We were quickly struck by the level of Jaywing’s expertise and the success of its models in ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and managing model risk effectively. We’re really looking forward to working with Jaywing on our IRB programme, which is a vital strategic project for us."

Nicholas Hurst, Deputy Chief Risk Officer at One Savings Bank