Streamlining commercial credit risk decisioning processes using Echelon

Secure Trust Bank required a consistent approach to credit grading across its lending portfolio, to comply with regulatory guidance. As credit grading is a key component of IFRS 9, it was imperative to deploy a solution that combined usability and flexibility with ease of implementation.

Building on an existing partnership with Secure Trust Bank, Jaywing’s commercial risk specialists were employed to develop the underlying credit grading models, using expert-led (or ‘slotting’) approaches, which were deployed in Jaywing’s commercial underwriting platform, Echelon. Using the software, Secure Trust Bank credit grades each application at the point of risk assessment. The fully supported web-based solution provides the underwriters with consistent commercial credit grading which feeds into the Bank’s IFRS 9 processes, delivering results faster and with far greater consistency.

"We needed to implement a solution which would tick a number of boxes. We had to be confident that the software would be user-friendly and of value to our existing lending process, without disrupting our existing systems and processes. It was also critical that we were able to control the rulesets very quickly and easily."

"Echelon provided the cross-site flexibility we required, whilst also providing the stability and security needed.” 

Mark Guise, Head of Risk at Secure Trust Bank