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Archetype (AI modelling software)

Artificially Intelligent risk modelling

  • Leverage AI to create high-performing predictive risk models
  • AI models that play by your rules – transparent, explainable, intuitive
  • Generate better performing models with a Gini coefficiency up to 10% higher
  • Gain more insight from your data than ever before
  • Redevelop manual and complex models more frequently
  • Free up time

What is Archetype?

Archetype is our new Artificial Intelligence (AI) based predictive modelling suite for credit risk, fraud, and marketing. Archetype solves the ‘black box’ problem which previously prevented the use of neural nets in credit risk.

Our patent applied for methodology is guaranteed to produce models that follow sensible rules like scorecards do - but produces much better results. This means they can be signed off through your usual governance process.

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Achieve a projected Gini uplift of up to 10% - based on our testing versus traditional regression methods using the same development and outcome data. 

Acquire more profitable customers with less risk - with fewer losses resulting from fraud, and improved customer targeting. 



An easy to use interface guides you through the process of uploading your data, making decisions about what data to include, and how complex to make the model. Armed with this information, Archetype automates previously time-consuming aspects of modelling, enabling your teams to focus on more complex tasks. 

Archetype consists of an intuitive front-end interface, which is accessible via a browser and requires no IT installation, together with an advanced modelling engine that uses the latest techniques to execute neural net models at speed - and a high degree of accuracy.

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