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Archetype (AI predictive modelling software)

Artificially Intelligent predictive risk modelling

  • Generate better performing models with a Gini coefficiency up to 18% higher
  • Leverage AI to create high-performing predictive risk models
  • AI modelling that plays by your rules – transparent, explainable, intuitive
  • Gain more insight from your data than ever before - helping massively reduce bad debt
  • Redevelop manual and complex models frequently, and before they deteriorate
  • Free up analysts time for more complex projects

See it in action

Jaywing’s AI-powered predictive modelling software, Archetype, uses explainable and controllable AI to generate models with greater accuracy, speed and precision than ever before. Fundamental to credit risk, fraud, pricing and marketing, Archetype’s predictive models have generated up to 18% uplifts, compared to traditionally-built models (using the same data). It's so unique, we have applied for a patent for our methodology.

Our award winning product integrates neatly into your existing processes, is easily managed and continually improving - redeveloping models the moment they start to deteriorate, without incurring the typical costs. This means increased profitability through the potential to make significant savings by reducing risk and maximising income through better outcomes on the end customer.

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Explainable, controllable models... no more "black box" problem!

Archetype's models are explainable and controllable. Models are underpinned by a unique mathematical approach that retains an intuitive link between input variables and the modelled output, with no loss of predictive power.

Comparing it to traditional models, using the same data set, lenders have seen up to 18% uplift in performance - resulting in huge debt savings:

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Increased efficiency

Models are developed in a fraction of the time and an intuitive interface makes the process logical, simple to learn and easily repeatable. It doesn’t require specialist knowledge of machine learning or AI.

Archetype then automates previously time-consuming aspects of AI modelling, enabling your teams to focus on more complex tasks. 

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Accessible within hours, built by award-winning developers and AI specialists

All you need to access Archetype is an internet connection and browser – there’s no IT installation required. It is ready to use as soon as access is granted, and if development data is in good order, an initial model can be produced in under an hour.

An easy-to-use interface helps you:

  • Upload your data
  • Make decisions on what data to include
  • Determine the complexity of your AI modelling

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