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Regulation has been at the top of the agenda for some time. We have extensive experience of helping top banks and building societies to negotiate stress testing, IFRS 9, Basel and BCBS 239. 

Our analytical firepower can support you when regulation requirements put pressure on your teams to deliver more than their day job. Regulation shouldn't be a burden and through an expert outsourced or insourced arrangement, it doesn't have to be.

We are expert in Capital Management, Risk Weighted Assets, Basel modelling, bad-debt forecasting and affordability modelling. 


With IFRS 9 coming into effect in 2018, you'll be thinking about what you need to do to comply or how to validate your existing models. From designing forward-looking modelling approaches to understanding the impacts on bad debt provisions and implementing the most appropriate data, model and systems architecture, we can help.

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Stress testing

We provide a highly endorsed full end-to-end service to develop submissions that meet both the PRA's and your own stress testing requirements. 

Guiding our clients through data preparation and the development of models for enterprise-wide stress, we produce forecasting views of impairment, capital and revenue metrics that underpin the underlying story of how you would meet the challenges of an economic stress event.

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Basel III

Our unrivalled Basel modelling experience means we can give you confidence that your approach to capital adequacy complies with FCA regulations, ensuring you have the appropriate capital buffers in place without holding more than you need. 

BCBS 239

Legacy systems and differing portfolios mean there is no one size fits all approach to Credit Risk Data Management. Using our extensive experience of credit risk business requirements, coupled with our deep industry knowledge, we develop and implement bespoke, easily understood and easily useable infrastructures that meet the demands of the regulators and your business.


Changes to CONC and the FCA's increased focus on affordability and responsible lending mean that our clients are considering myriad options for transparent credit application assessment. We provide a range of options to satisfy regulations through use of data, models and process change.



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