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Artificial Intelligence

If you’re looking to take your first steps into machine learning risk management then Archetype, Jaywing’s comprehensive AI credit risk software, could help.

Alternatively, our expert AI consultancy services can talk to you in detail about predictive risk models.

Archetype - Jaywing's AI fraud risk software

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Archetype is Jaywing's comprehensive machine learning credit risk solution. 

It combines AI and deep neural nets to help lenders generate transparent statistical models and predict almost any outcome on almost any data set. By using artificial intelligence to predict risk, you can:

  • Leverage AI to create a high performing predictive model
  • Generate models with a Gini co-efficiency up to 10% higher
  • Gain more insight from your data than ever before
  • Automate manual and complex model development processes
  • Optimise business results

AI consultancy

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Our predictive modelling experts are well-versed in artificial intelligence and machine learning risk management. We are also able to advise on validating and monitoring your AI models. 

Our approach is designed to provide you with a complete understanding of AI implementation.

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