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Ben Clark

Head of IRB

Ben Clark, Head of IRB

Ben is a regulatory risk modelling expert with over eight years experience at a Lloyds Banking Group. Ben joined Jaywing as a lead consultant in 2018 focusing initially on the substantial changes and new regulation taking place in IRB modelling at this time.

Ben built up his expertise through designing, developing and building IRB and IFRS 9 models at Lloyds Banking Group over the past eight years. In particular, Ben led the development of retail IFRS 9 models at Lloyds, developing a talent in not just model building but also the interpretation of regulation and applying this in a business context.

As well as developing IRB and IFRS 9 models, Ben has a strong background in providing guidance, analysis and review in all aspects of the capital and impairment framework.

Additionally, Ben has a developed this from a background in operational strategy and model development.

Ben has a Masters degree in Development Economics and a Bachelors degree in Economics, both from the University of Sheffield.