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Pete Sewart

Head of Data Science

Pete Sewart, Head of Data Science

Pete joined Jaywing from M&S Money in 2002 and has extensive analytical expertise spanning over 15 years in credit risk. He has worked on credit risk, fraud and marketing projects for a range of clients in banking & lending, insurance, travel and utilities (among others). He has performed a variety of roles from project design and consultancy to hands-on modelling and analysis.

Pete is the inventor of numerous new analytical approaches to business problems. Complex analysis and modelling is his stock in trade. He has worked on diverse projects including credit card and loan value modelling, cut-off optimisation, price elasticity modelling on credit cards, loans and PPI insurance, and search engine pricing modelling and strategies (optimising keyword cost per click bids).

Furthermore, he has worked on application and behavioural scorecard developments, first party fraud modelling, bad debt forecasting, credit limit strategies and, more recently, Basel II developments, reviews and analytical support. Pete also has a PhD in statistics, from Lancaster University.